Goals and Cleansing

For me, this raw food journey has not really been about weight loss.  It has been more about feeling good, finding happiness and overcoming my depression.  I think I have achieved that, although it is not actually a destination!  I still have to work at it constantly and I don´t always do the work I need to do, and then I feel the difference.

Until now, I have been eating basically whatever I want  to – as long as it is raw.  That has meant lots and lots of nuts, nut butters, dates, avocados and raw chocolates.  Not surprisingly, I have not lost much weight at all.  So, I am ready to step up my plan.  I have decided that the number one priority is to get more active.  In addition to my once a week yoga class, I want to jog a little every day and do a yoga video podcast.  I think that is doable and not getting all crazy about it! 🙂

This week, I am going to focus on more cleansing, low-fat foods.  I´m doing a smoothie day today.  All blended foods to get me going and over the hump.  So far today, I have had a pear/orange/strawberry/spinach smoothie with added nettle, mallow and spirulina powders and a sprinkling of bee pollen.  I have also done my first little jogging session with the dogs and an upper body strength Yogamazing video podcast.  It looks like I am on track.

I also decided to join the new RawFu challenge to keep me accountable and motivated.  Spring is in full force, I have  already done a massive clean out in my house so I think my body is ready for it too.

It would also be extra awesome if I could find the money somehow for a colonic in the next 100 days.  But we´ll see!


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