When Life gives you apples…Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather

Originally uploaded by DivineMissEm

I noticed that we were literally swimming in apples. We get them in our organic vegetable box delivery and I haven’t been very much in to them as I have been enjoying the rest of summers bounty (watermelons, peaches, berries, etc.) so they have been piling up. The other day, a friend comes over with a bag of apples from a tree in his yard. So…I had a ridiculous surplus and got really tired of throwing away apples that have been going bad.

I decided to make fruit leather with them and for a first attempt just winging it, they came out pretty delicious. I can see the definite possibilities.

It’s actually ridiculously easy. I chopped up all the apples and then blended about a third (which filled up the blender) with some cinnamon, nutmeg and a few tablespoons of agave. I blended until smooth and spread thinly on teflex sheets.

The concept is the same for the other flavors. The Apple/Goji is my favorite, I think. The Blackberry/Apple tastes nice, but next time I would strain the mixture because the seeds are kind of hard to deal with.


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