New Challenge

I’ve really made some changes in my life recently that I am happy about.

Two new classes fell into my lap and, I LOVE these students.  They are Kundalini Yoga teachers and so we talk about KY, do kriyas in English, drink chai tea or talk about our lives.  I am so grateful for the extra money and the companionship.  Also, being around these women gave me the extra push I needed to..

Finally join a Kundalini yoga class again.  I’m going Monday and Wednesday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  My body has been neglected for so long that the past few weeks I was in so much pain the day after classes.  Each class a new muscle group would hurt.  With each week, I am getting a little stronger and I know that my body is loving all the extra care and attention it is getting.  Also, having a special place for meditation is nice.

I’ve been a bit more social.  I’ve reconnected with a friend that just kind of fell away a while back and am trying to get out of myself more.  It helps not having long stretches of morning with nothing to do, except  have temptation to stay on the Internet for hours at a time.

Anyway, with all of these changes, I have decided that it is a great time to return to raw foods.  My diet has been pretty good recently.  I’ve let go of the wheat for the most part, eating lots of wild greens, having green juices, etc., but there is always a bit more tweaking to do.  The sugar beast has come again and I really want to deal with that.  I had quit coffee for a few days but it just creeped back in.  One thing at a time.  Also,  now it is Spring and the weather is warm and my body is feeling a strong need for salads and lighter, more easily digestible things.  I want to listen to and honor that.

So, as a way to help myself and to share my way of being, I am going to post what I eat.  It may not be 100% raw, but i am striving for a high proportion.


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