Light Pesto Carrot Boats

This is a lovely light, yet filling dish inspired by the fresh basil I’ve got growing at the moment.  I live in an apartment, so I’ve got lots of plants growing indoors as well as on the balcony.  Don’t let not having access to land stop you from including fresh homegrown veggies and herbs in your diet!  Some of the edible plants that we have had success growing indoors are tomatoes, chili peppers, sunflower sprouts, aloe vera, purslane, basil and more!

Even if you’ve got  what you think is a black thumb, you can ALWAYS and  I mean always sprout a few things in jars.  Sprouts are a delicious addition to salads and soups, or you can just sprinkle them on anything to up the nutrition as well as the crunch factor to your meal.

Light Pesto Carrot Boats


3 carrots

1 tomato

1 avocado

1/2 cup pesto (it seems everybody and their mama has a pesto recipe.  If you want a raw/vegan pesto recipe, lemme know!)

To serve:

1 head baby gem lettuce

2 tbsp. chopped red onions

2 tbsp. shelled hemp seeds

First, grate the carrot with a large box grater or in a food processor.  Then chop the tomato and avocado, and mix with the grated carrot in a large mixing bowl.  Add pesto and toss until everything is evenly mixed and the avocados are mashed and smooshed a bit.

Spoon the filling mixture into the lettuce leaves, then top each leaf with a sprinkle of chopped purple onion and hemp seeds.

Simple and delish!


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