a new life for my blog!

I mean that in the most literal of possible ways 🙂  See, I am pregnant!  As of now, I am 10 weeks along and super happy although sort of overwhelmed by all the new information I have learned already and feel like I need to learn before giving birth.  I *know* I am just supposed to breathe and trust in the flow but sometimes that is easier said than done…even for someone in the middle of yoga teacher training, haha!

For the first 5 or 6 weeks of being pregnant I had no idea, but I felt wonderful.  Then, I went to the US to visit my family for Christmas and started feeling awful.  That plus the food available in the city where my parents live meant that I was not in a good place at all.  I ended up gaining about 20 pounds in three weeks.  Awful, just awful!

Then, we got back to Spain and I started feeling even worse.  Instead of eating to help with the nausea, I couldn’t eat at all.  I had been living on rice cakes and peanut butter, sprouted and dried almonds and fresh apples until finally one day last week I felt good enough to get the blender out and I made my first green smoothie since being pregnant.  Oh my gosh, it tasted wonderful! I made the decision there that I want this pregnancy to be high-raw.  I know it may not always be possible, but I am going to do the best that I can while still being flexible enough to respect where I am at the moment.  Sound good?

Here is what I have been eating the past few days:

20 Jan 2012

-breakfast porridge with cooked oats, banana, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon
-one big ass juicy orange
-midmorning snack of 1.5 Raw Health brand raw pitta bread (basically just a not so yummy thick raw cracker) topped with a guacamole made from avocado, lemon juice, garlic, salt and chopped cherry tomatoes
-lunch of big salad made by hubby with lettuce, beets, cucumbers, apples and celery mixed with a mustard dill dressing
-bit of a Raw Health brand cherry chocolate bar (also underwhelming, but sort of awesome that I prefer my own creations!)
-a few unsulphured dried apricots
-some raw brownie crumbles and chopped strawberries
-two tiny carrots and a little hazelnut basil pate
-stevia lemonade
-cooked dinner of sauteed onions, brussel sprouts with rice pasta and walnut pate thinned out with packaged almond milk

Supplements: today I had 3 Vitamin Code Prenatal vitamins, one DHA cap and a spray of sublingual vitamin D

21 Jan 2012

-porridge with strawberries and carob powder
-2 organic eggs (which I immediately threw up)
-raw brownie and a few sips of green tea
-fresh pineapple
-salad and a bit of white bean soup from Ecocentre buffet
-small tub of chocolate Booja Booja raw ice cream
-dried apple pieces
-dinner of organic corn/mushroom pasta with broccoli, green peppers, sundried tomatoes, carrots and basil tofu

Supplements: 2 Vitamin Code raw prenatal vitamins

I am looking forward to sharing how my pregnancy unfolds and how my diet evolves to meet my changing needs and body 🙂



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