I have always been the type of person who has cupboards full of random supplements and superfoods but who also only sporadically takes them.  When I remember, when I feel like it, when something reminds me to do it or when I start to feel bad about having so many things around collecting dust, hehe.

Well, being pregnant has shifted that a little bit.  I can’t say that I have been perfect but I have certainly improved a hell of a lot.  And this is what I am taking:

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal: In my first trimester, I was barely able to get these down so I stopped for a while.  Honestly, they stink.  Bad. I think it is because they have natto extract in there, which is an awesome source of necessary vitamin K2 but unfortunately not so delicious.  Whatever, now I just chug them down with some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice like it’s nothing

DHA: At the moment, I am taking one that Shazzie recommends in her book Evie‘s Kitchen, which is called O-Mega-Zen3.  Instead of nasty fish oils, this one is made from algae.

B-12: I decided on a liquid b-12 called Ultra B-12 made by NOW Foods.  It has three different forms of B-12 plus other B vitamins to make it more absorbable.  And it came in a huge bottle that I could easily transport back from America and that will probably last me well into breastfeeding.

Greener Grasses: This powder made by HealthForce Nutritionals is made of  wheatgrass, barleybrass, alfalfa, dandelion and oat grass.  I mix it in with fresh orange or grapefruit juice and sometimes I made a green lemonade drink with lemons, stevia, the powder and water.

Chlorella: I take this sometimes in tablet form and sometimes in powder form.  I still can’t get down with chewing the tablets whole like some hardcore raw foodies do, though!!

That is more or less my daily routine.  I am also adding in Ionic Iron, liquid Iodine and Crystal Manna (an algae) which I have but haven’t begun using yet for some reason as well as some sort of Calcium supplement, which I will use in conjunction with the Magnesium oil I already have.

That’s it!  What do you think-have I got all my bases covered or is there a glaringly obvious deficit somewhere in there?


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