Matcha Fudge Covered Brownie Cake

As I mentioned the other day, I bought some matcha powder to play around with.  I don’t know if it is some sort of weird pregnancy craving or what, but I HAD to have matcha!  I’ve been dreaming about it for months but just couldn’t seem to get my paws on any of it.  Well, I went into the city to have my third trimester blood test, and on my way back to the metro, I saw a tea shop. I thought to myself- maybe?  I went in, and lo and behold there it was.  And organic to boot.  Also, the woman working was so, so nice.   She kept giving me glasses of iced vanilla rooibos and a spicy chai tea that was delicious.  It was such a change of pace from the usual level of customer service experienced here in Madrid, i.e. non-existent!

When I got home, I thought about making some brownie bites and then rolling them in the matcha powder.  Nah, too easy peasy.  I wanted something a little more spectacular and that more importantly would eat into the kilo of coconut oil I have.  Alas, these babies were born!Image


Recipe Time!

Matcha Fudge Covered Brownie Cake

For the base:

2.25 cup walnuts

2.25 cup dates, pitted

4 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

3 tbsp. cacao powder

2 tbsp. carob powder

2 tsp. chaga powder (optional)

pinch of sea salt

Process walnuts until crumbly and add all other ingredients to food processor.  Process until well combined and sticky.  Add 2-3 tablespoons water if necessary.  Press dough into a round spring-form pan and set aside while you make the topping.

For the topping:

1 cup cashews, finely ground

1 tbsp. lecithin (I recommend sunflower lecithin but if all you have is soy, like me, make sure it is non-GMO!)

.5 cup + 2 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

.25-.5 cup raw honey (depending on your sweet tooth.  You can also substitute agave if you wish to not use     bee products)

1 tsp. matcha powder

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.  Pour topping on top of base and put in fridge to set for half an hour.  Then cut into squares and share with friends 🙂

Makes about 25 small but dense squares.

That’s it!  Now I am off to make a big fat green juice and some salt and vinegar kale chips!  

Have a great Sunday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Matcha Fudge Covered Brownie Cake

  1. Those look amazing! I’m trying to collect recipes to try when I have some Matcha powder, I’ll definitely be using this one 🙂

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