raw chocolate session

raw chocolate session by DivineMissEm
raw chocolate session, a photo by DivineMissEm on Flickr.

I’m still waiting on my little one to arrive- I am now 3 days past the due date and she isn’t showing any signs of imminent departure from the womb.

I can’t leave the house really, as the weather was like the desert today- we actually had a front from the Sahara come through. The sky is overcast because of the
sand suspended in the air, it is extremely windy, dry and HOT- 42º today (107ºF)

I cut my losses and made raw chocolates!

The star- cashew chia chocolate laced with mandarin oil, crystal manna, mucuna and dried mulberries, sweetened with xylitol

The rustic heart- cashew chia chocolate doused with maca, crystal manna and bee pollen, sweetened with local honey.

In the back- chewy chocolate covered dried bananas


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