What I’m Loving This Wednesday

Hi there!  You know, I may not have made it this week because I know it is either extremely close to midnight or already past midnight.  Oh well, better late than never.  Consider it Thankful Thursday or something life that.

* Working the physical.  Today I went to my first Kundalini class since moving back to Shreveport, and yeah.  Just nice.  Really, really nice.  Also, I have Zumba again tomorrow.

* My new Prana pants.  I love this brand for pants.  If you know me, you will know my struggle to find pants that I love.  Pricey, but where else are you going to find hemp and organic cotton yoga pants with a flared leg.

*Raw brownies in Austin.  I bought these at Whole Foods when we first got into town and I went back and bought another pack.  I love the slightly smoky flavor from the mesquite powder as it gives it an almost cooked taste, love that they are nut-free (not that I am against nuts, but they are heavy on the digestion and variety is awesome!)  Also, the texture is chewy like a real cooked brownie!


* Pictures of my Amethyst.



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