Road Trip Food!

This past weekend, my family and I went to Austin, TX for some pretty darn magical times which included metric tons of raw food and chocolate, shopping at my favorite places in the world, swimming in the best swimming holes I could ever imagine and so much more! (and more on ATX coming up this weekend as well!)

Getting there from Shreveport, Louisiana is no small feat- about 6 hours of driving if you do it fairly non-stop.  And my parents absolutely love gas station junk food.  I used to as well 😉  But now I don’t love it and it certainly doesn’t love me back so I went prepared!  In fact, a lot of this food helped immensely at breakfast when my parents took advantage of the free hotel breakfast which offered absolutely nothing for my hubby and I.

We took:

– trail mix.  The ubiquitous travel food!  But it has come sooo far since peanuts and raisins.  My favorite one is the Navitas Naturals brand mix that includes Goldenberries, Mulberries, Gojis, cashews and cacao nibs.  When I make it myself, I like to add hemp seeds and another nut like almonds or hazelnuts.

-snack bars.  This can mean so many things.  I usually go for something like a larabar or a home-made version involving dates and nuts but this time we bought these Coconut Secret mint coconut bars and they were awesome!

-kale chips.  I made a LOAD of my grapefruit chipotle flavored kale chips.   Super spicy and great for a salty fix.

-nut butter.  I bought some little single serving pouches of Artisana pecan/cashew butter but anything is good.  Squeeze some onto a banana or apple for a simple snack, onto gluten-free bread or raw crackers for something more savoury or even into bought oatmeal to jazz it up and make it a little more substantial.  Or you can always just squeeze it right into your mouth, hehe.

-fresh fruit.  Sounds extremely self explanatory but seriously.  After hours of dehydrated kale chips and trail mix you are going to want something juicy and hydrating.  A lovely sweet orange, apple or banana is super appreciated, even if it isn’t the sexiest of fruits 🙂

-coconut water.  Super hydrating and super delicious.  It keeps my skin from drying out in the recycled air environment of a car travelling on interstate.

-plant milk.  I like to have  small packs of some yummy nut or seed milk in the car so that if I want a caffeine refuel on the road, I can use this instead of toxic non-dairy creamer packets.  I normally go for hemp, almond or coconut although I hear flax is good too.  I do not even attempt rice or oat anymore.  I don’t like it and no more money will be spent trying to change  my own opinion 😉

-gluten-free bread or crackers.  This is mainly so that if I am in a pinch for breakfast and want something more than fruit, I can always have some black rice or millet bread, nut  butter and a mashed banana for some awesome toast.

There is, of course, an endless variety of things to bring with you on a road trip.  These are just my staples.  Let me know if there is something that you just can’t live without!!


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