Coffee and Doughnut Remix

This last week has been pretty crazy.  We had to go to Dallas for my hubby to have a biometric scan as part of his immigration process and it just so happened that my Dad was going to be in Fort Worth for an industry convention that week.  So we stayed over and did the DFW thing for a few days.  It was kind of awesome, actually.  But also tiring and I have been laying low since we got back, especially considering that next weekend we are going away again.  This time down south to Lafayette for Festival International, which we are looking forward to not only for the music but for reconnecting with old friends!

So for today, I want to post about a few of my recent discoveries which came together quite serendipitously as classic police fare, haha.  The famed coffee and doughnuts, but this way the doughnuts aren’t deep fried balls of flour and sugar and the coffee isn’t the normal brewed crap with cream and white sugar.

For the dougnuts, I used a recipe from the absolutely amazing blog fragrant vanilla cake.  I have been eyeing and drooling over her creations over there for months now and chose this lemon lavender dougnut recipe as my first recipe to try of hers.

here they are dehydrating in all their glory:
lemon lavender raw doughnuts dehydrating
lemon lavender raw doughnut
I loved these doughnuts.  I thought that the texture was incredible and the light lemony and lavender flavor came through without being overpowering.  That being said, next time I make these (and there will be a next time) I will leave off the frosting and dip them in chocolate instead.  I think that as a base recipe for doughnuts, this recipe is a real winner!

And cold brew!  This is probably one of the most revolutionary discoveries I have made in a while.  We bought a bottle at Central Market in Fort Worth for the trip home and enjoyed it so much that I was determined to find out how to make it.  Well, as it turns out it is just about the easiest thing to make. ever.
cold brewed iced coffee
1. Take the best quality coffee you can afford, although even crap coffee is going to taste infinitely better cold brewed and grind it (or buy it pre-ground..whatever works for your lifestyle and budget)

2. Add 1 cup of your ground coffee to a big jar along with 4 cups of cold water

3. Stir the coffee and water and then cover it.

4. Let sit overnight up to 24 hours.

5. Strain the mixture really well. (I use a coffee filter inside of a funnel.  It takes about half an hour to fully pass through the filter)

6. Dilute this concentrate 1:1 with water, coconut water or nut milk of your choice.  Sweeten to your liking with stevia, honey, maple syrup etc.  I myself am partial to a home-made date sweetened almond milk with a touch of cinnamon 🙂


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