Baby Food

I posted a while back about my struggles breastfeeding and what we do in our family regarding milk. 

I wanted to do a little update on what we do now about feeding our little one.

First, Amethyst still gets the vast majority of her calories through milk.  At this time that means she gets mostly her home-made formula although she can breastfeed on demand.  As she gets older and more interested in the world around her however, her interest in the boob has waned dramatically which means that my milk production has decreased as well.  As a family, we decided against long term intensive breast pumping to maintain my supply.

Starting at about 4 months, Amethyst starting being extremely curious about the food that we were eating.  We didn’t really offer her anything, but as the weeks went by and her interest kept growing we started offering her a few things.  She started with some pureed pears, and then some sweet potato, then apple and spirulina, then avocado and banana.  She loved everything she tasted and we began letting her taste some of our food (within reason, of course!)

Now, at almost 8 months old Amethyst LOVES green smoothies, green juices (even the ones with wild greens), coconut water, all kinds of fruit but especially berries and melons, yogurt, broccoli, carrots-anything really.


drinking her green juice in a big girl cup!

Ideally, I would have waited a bit longer before introducing nuts and seeds into her diet but she stole a sip of a smoothie I was having that had hemp seeds and cashews.  We don’t specifically give her these, but after seeing that she suffered no ill effects we let her taste things with those two ingredients in.

Once, when we were having a quinoa pasta dish, I mushed up a few pieces of the quinoa pasta and let her have those.  I’ve also mushed up a few black beans when we were having black bean tacos for her to try along with her beloved avocado.  We have also just started feeding her egg yolk a few times a week for choline, which is necessary for brain development.

So that is where we are now- in the food for fun stage!  We like to let her try out her palate and taste all kinds of new things without pressuring her to eat any more than she likes.  She will easily suck down half a glass of green smoothie, though!!


My girl getting her Vitamin D!

So, we may be doing it all wrong.  But we are doing it intuitively and following Amethyst’s lead.  She is a thriving, happy and well adjusted girl who is always eager to learn new things. 


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