Thankful Thursday

I really just cannot get it together for Wednesday posts, can I?  The saving grace is that there is always another opportunity to do it over and that there is no time like the present to do so.  So here we go, Thankful Thursday today.  And I am grateful for so many things!  This week has been especially hard due to some family health issues that are really quite serious and sad but I am really trying to focus on the wonderful aspects of my life and not dwell on the negatives.

1. Time with my family and daughter.  I have been so, so blessed to be in a situation where I have been able to care for Amethyst at home with her daddy.  We have made some sacrifices for sure and have no income to speak of at the moment but Amethyst gets to be with not only us but her grandparents for the first part of her life.  Our life and financial situation won’t look like this forever, but we are really trying to enjoy every moment we spend with her and together.
happy family, happy tummies
2. I got accepted to vend at the Shreveport Farmers Market this year!  That means that this summer I will be able to share my food with people other than my immediate family and friends and I am happy to no end!  Regardless of it makes money, I am really looking forward to the experience of learning and meeting some new people.  So stoked!!!

3. My Vita-mix.  Man, after years of using crap blenders (and some not so crap ones) and burning out motors, breaking jugs and whatever else can possibly go wrong, I have to say that my vita-mix has never, ever let me down.  Even when I use it for non-optimal uses.  Like making raw brownies for which I really need a new food processor.  I use the vita-mix probably 5 times per day on average.  Love it hard ❤  and am thankful that I was able to make that purchase.

4. Kombucha.  Especially locally brewed kombucha.  In Spain, I was a fermented beverage queen.  Kombucha, water kefir, ginger bug- I did it all and was pretty good at it  😉  Since moving to Shreveport, I haven’t had the time to take on yet another project like that yet.  I still love getting my gut loving probiotics in sparkly beverage form though, so when I have a chance to lay my paws on some local booch, I always do.  Like this one I got in Austin that I loved so much and is truly my favorite kombucha EVAR!!
Or these that I got in Fort Worth
Mmmmm, prickly pear. This one was so awesome I had it again!
prickly pear kombucha
and green apple ginger
green apple ginger kombucha
Louisiana needs a kombucha maker.  Maybe a new career is in store for me, LOL!

5. Old friends!  We are leaving tomorrow for Lafayette to spend time with friends of ours and to hit up Festtival International de Louisiane.  It is our first time going in such a long time (since I was in college which was, um over 10 years ago *gulp*)   The thing about old friends that I love is that even though both of you have changed so much since you met, you just accept each other and keep on loving through it all.  At least that is how it should be.  With my best friend Rene, although we don’t have much surface stuff in common, we do share a mutual love and respect for each other that keeps us wanting to spend time together.  Oh, and we laugh!  I can’t wait to see her and wish we lived closer!


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