Home feels so nice!

We had a great time at Festival International de Louisiane. Amethyst’s first festival experience was a success! We listened to Iranian trance music complete with Sufi dancers, saw old friends we needed to reconnect with, laughed and ate (none of which was raw or even vegan-shock horror!! Oh wait- really late one night I stopped at the grocery store and got a kombucha and some frozen raw lemon pie hehe)

Anyway, after the excesses of this weekend, it became so glaringly obvious just how physically unfit I have become since giving birth. Well, and scales don’t lie either. So instead of falling into a black hole of despair and apathy as per usual, tomorrow I am going to start a smoothie cleanse again to lighten things up and hopefully gain some energy and clarity. So I will be posting about that this week. Also, tomorrow I need to get my butt in the kitchen to create some alchemical delights that I look forward to sharing here as well.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead y’all!



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