unplanned break- and plans

Apparently I took a little unplanned break from ye olde blog.  I didn’t really mean to, things just got a little overwhelming over this way.  I don’t really  have any support network to speak of or coping mechanisms in place at this point in my life, so when things get overwhelming it quickly turns into not being able to deal with my life, much less blog about it.  Right now, I am still feeling down and not really knowing how to get out of it, but I am recognizing it for what it is.  I do have coping mechanisms.  I know that.  I didn’t do a course in Rebirthing or a course in Kundalini Yoga for nothing.  I have a tool-kit now to help me deal with negative thoughts and feelings.  The problem is that my pattern is being so consumed by that negativity that it does not even occur to me to use my tools.

Right now, it is one day at a time for me.  One breath at a time, one moment of reflection and being okay in the moment.  One at a time.  And that is okay.  For now. 

I do have some things to share with all of you though.  I’ve got a recipe for some pretty damn awesome Apricot- Cardamom Cookie Squares and I’ve got a tutorial on how I make my own baby wipes for the wee one.  So please stick around.  There is Life here!


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