Weekend plans

Lake Hamilton

This weekend, my family and I are headed to the lake for some down time.  The last few weeks have been kind of crazy and different for me, so I am looking forward to stepping back for a minute and taking the time to regroup, refocus and take care of myself.  I think in the last week I have been to the gym 1 time!  That is crazy and clearly my priorities have got to get more in alignment with the life I want to lead.  Hence, Hot Springs.

As much as I have been enjoying reconnecting with my hom etown, it will be so nice to get out of town for a few days and chillax.  Swimming in Lake Hamilton, getting my Vitamin D on in the sun, hitting up Star Gallery Hot Springs for some handmade and vintage gear action, scoping out health food stores and maybe even a trip to Nom-Noms is in order.  We’ll see.  There is NO agenda 🙂

And then- back to work!  Those kale chips don’t make themselves!  And also, back to the blog…There are recipes I want to share, news to report and updates to give.  So, be patient, please and have a wonderful weekend.

If you are in Shreveport this weekend, check out Biz Markie at the Let the Good Times Roll Festival and Homegrown- The Farmer’s Market at Provenance.  Also, open volunteer day at Community Harvest.  So much good stuff on this weekend! And of course I am going out of town 😉


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