Embracing the Crafty Goddess Within

I like to think of myself as having a DIY spirit. The truth is, though, that I have more of a ” let me find a template and then search for about 10 examples of the finished product using said template so that I can see how other people have done it first.”

The problem with this approach is that

1. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on “research” and then can’t find time to actually create anything.

2. I have abundant fodder for self-comparison and thus judgement and

3. I am invalidating my experience, talents and creativity.

I know that a large factor in all of this is simple old fear of failure. What if I spend x amount of time and x amount of supplies(i.e. money) on the project and it comes out crap?

As women ( humans, really) we are infinitely creative. In fact, that is our true nature. With help from the Divine, we create the world with and through our very bodies. What could be more creative than that? I think that once we realize that it is our nature to do so, we cannot fail!

So what I can’t crochet a doily to save my life or that bias tape is my arch enemy?? So what the best gluten-free cupcakes I have ever had weren’t made by me? So what there is another mama out there who not only uses cloth diapers, but MAKES her own?

I have my own gifts, just as you have yours. But neither you nor I can ever embrace those gifts and realize our potential if we do not first embrace our true nature and embody it!

I think that keeping company with other women is important to the process. Women’s circles, stitch-n-bitch, red tents, whatever the details are is unimportant. We need a sisterhood of support, of inspiration and of shared resources. In my life, this is one of the most glaringly obvious voids and I want more than anything to one day be a part of something similar.

So go make something, already!



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