Farmer Love

I don’t really blog about anything business related as this blog is quite personal. I guess it is inevitable that the two intersect here and there as building Sacred Strawberry, raw food business, is an integral part of my life, about which I blog here.

Over a month into launching my little start-up and deciding to run a stall at the Farmer’s Market, it is amazing to see community being built all around. You see everything from business deals being negotiated to first dates being considered and of course many friendships forming. And generosity by the truck-load. No matter what you might think, you don’t vend at such a place just for the money. Most vendors do it because they give a shit! They do it because they believe in not only eating locally, but in building local economies and communities of support. You just simply don’t raise vegetables in the Louisiana summer heat and humidity for the money alone. Some of the nicest, most genuine people I have met are farmers at the market. One of our suppliers, the wonderful couple out at Thompson Farms ( I can’t find an online presence or else I would link them!) gave us an enormous box of heirloom tomatoes because they couldn’t sell them and thought we could do something with them!

They may not be the prettiest, but they are the ripest, juiciest, tastiest tomatoes I have ever had! We have also been given greens, beans, squash, lemongrass and even flowers from other farmers down there. We try to reciprocate and have given away kale chips and superfood truffles to people who might not have ever tried them!
Above and beyond that, it really is incredible to see and feel the difference between the anonymity and disconnection that comes from trading at a big box store in a strip mall and striking up a conversation with the person who either grew or made your food. I absolutely love seeing familiar faces around my stall! That sort of positive feedback not only makes me think “wow, they liked my food!” but it also keeps you honest, striving to do better and be more creative! So a big huge thank you hug to my customers, naysayers, competitors, suppliers, farmers and fellow vendors. Without ALL of you, it just wouldn’t be the same.


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