End of Summer, End of a Cycle

This Saturday marked the end of the Farmers’ Market Season and I suppose at least mentally the end of summer. I am sad to see it go, as especially toward the end of the season I feel like I connected with a few other ladies and it is nice to have that weekly space to socialize, chat, meet new people, tell your story and really try to get the public excited about your products! This is the last time our stand will look exactly like this:

On the other hand, I am excited to work on other projects we have going on, like our weekly Raw Food Lunch on Fridays at Sunshine Health Foods. The first week, this was the menu:

And the dessert, raw chocolate covered caramel shortbread slices (Billionaires Shortbread)

This past week, we offered raw falafel with tahini sauce, kale salad with Moroccan cream sauce, hempseed tabbouleh and strawberry shortcake!


We are starting out small and sort of grassroots, but looking forward to growing organically with this!!
Also, the Fall Farmers’ Market starts up in October and we already have big plans for making our stall even better and will be offering a new line if products that we just know are going to be a massive benefit to our amazing customers , friends and family!
Also, my sweet baby girl turned one, but that gets its own post in due time 😉
I love each and every one of you!


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