Amethyst 15 month update

Life with an almost 16 month old is fundamentally different to life with an itty bitty baby! Amethyst is so mobile it is crazy- like she runs fast! She is also starting to explore language. She says around 20-25 words. Mama, Daddy, dog, owl, turtle, bow (bottle), out, happy, moon…it is awesomely cool! She is still experimenting with food. She loves spicy food! Also, smoothies, raw chocolate, berries, beans, hummus, nut milks, juices, rice dishes ( or even plain white rice!), raw crackers, satsumas and so much more!

Amethyst with her Boppa (my dad) eating some food at a little place we found in Marshall, TX that does some vegan food. They had live jazz while we were there, too and Amethyst ADORES music.

We are still co-sleeping. It’s been a little difficult recently as Amethyst has been waking up easily throughout the night but I still wouldn’t change it for anything! I’d still love a big ole king sized natural latex mattress, but we’re good without it 🙂


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