I have always been the type of person who has cupboards full of random supplements and superfoods but who also only sporadically takes them.  When I remember, when I feel like it, when something reminds me to do it or when I start to feel bad about having so many things around collecting dust, hehe.

Well, being pregnant has shifted that a little bit.  I can’t say that I have been perfect but I have certainly improved a hell of a lot.  And this is what I am taking:

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal: In my first trimester, I was barely able to get these down so I stopped for a while.  Honestly, they stink.  Bad. I think it is because they have natto extract in there, which is an awesome source of necessary vitamin K2 but unfortunately not so delicious.  Whatever, now I just chug them down with some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice like it’s nothing

DHA: At the moment, I am taking one that Shazzie recommends in her book Evie‘s Kitchen, which is called O-Mega-Zen3.  Instead of nasty fish oils, this one is made from algae.

B-12: I decided on a liquid b-12 called Ultra B-12 made by NOW Foods.  It has three different forms of B-12 plus other B vitamins to make it more absorbable.  And it came in a huge bottle that I could easily transport back from America and that will probably last me well into breastfeeding.

Greener Grasses: This powder made by HealthForce Nutritionals is made of  wheatgrass, barleybrass, alfalfa, dandelion and oat grass.  I mix it in with fresh orange or grapefruit juice and sometimes I made a green lemonade drink with lemons, stevia, the powder and water.

Chlorella: I take this sometimes in tablet form and sometimes in powder form.  I still can’t get down with chewing the tablets whole like some hardcore raw foodies do, though!!

That is more or less my daily routine.  I am also adding in Ionic Iron, liquid Iodine and Crystal Manna (an algae) which I have but haven’t begun using yet for some reason as well as some sort of Calcium supplement, which I will use in conjunction with the Magnesium oil I already have.

That’s it!  What do you think-have I got all my bases covered or is there a glaringly obvious deficit somewhere in there?


something sweet in a bowl

I’ve been acting kind of crazy all day.  I got the wild hair that I really wanted to do some cardio exercize today and I wanted to find a video to workout with.  Well, I didn’t have much luck at all.  I ended up doing about 5 minutes of various silly line dances, and then moving on to something else.  Then I just sort of gave up and decided to go for a longish walk with my dogs.

If anybody has recommendations for fun, free online workout videos, preferably something dancy, then let me know!

After my walk, I was really hungry but we don’t have too much in the house.  I decided that I was going to make something sweet in a bowl, and here is what I had:

2 small pots soy yogurt  (I would have LOVED to use coconut or almond yogurt, but I can’t get it)

1 tbsp. rolled oats

1 tbsp. trail mix (mine has mulberries, buckwheaties, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds)

2 tbsp. raw carob

1 tbsp. tahini

1 tbsp. honey or agave

Mix together in a bowl and nom the yums!

Super simple and super quick!

Light Pesto Carrot Boats

This is a lovely light, yet filling dish inspired by the fresh basil I’ve got growing at the moment.  I live in an apartment, so I’ve got lots of plants growing indoors as well as on the balcony.  Don’t let not having access to land stop you from including fresh homegrown veggies and herbs in your diet!  Some of the edible plants that we have had success growing indoors are tomatoes, chili peppers, sunflower sprouts, aloe vera, purslane, basil and more!

Even if you’ve got  what you think is a black thumb, you can ALWAYS and  I mean always sprout a few things in jars.  Sprouts are a delicious addition to salads and soups, or you can just sprinkle them on anything to up the nutrition as well as the crunch factor to your meal.

Light Pesto Carrot Boats


3 carrots

1 tomato

1 avocado

1/2 cup pesto (it seems everybody and their mama has a pesto recipe.  If you want a raw/vegan pesto recipe, lemme know!)

To serve:

1 head baby gem lettuce

2 tbsp. chopped red onions

2 tbsp. shelled hemp seeds

First, grate the carrot with a large box grater or in a food processor.  Then chop the tomato and avocado, and mix with the grated carrot in a large mixing bowl.  Add pesto and toss until everything is evenly mixed and the avocados are mashed and smooshed a bit.

Spoon the filling mixture into the lettuce leaves, then top each leaf with a sprinkle of chopped purple onion and hemp seeds.

Simple and delish!

Purple Summer Cooler

Here we are in late August, and although Autumn is slowly creeping closer, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the temperatures we are still having here in Madrid.  And luckily for me, the stores are still full of summertime fruit!  I am certainly taking advantage of the watermelons, Galia melons, peaches, nectarine, paraguayos and berries that are in season right now.

I think I have probably eaten my weight in watermelon this summer, and most of it has been in its natural state.  I tend to take half a watermelon, get a spoon, sit down at the table and chow down!  But I decided to branch out a little bit and make a drink, and this one came out deeelish! It is such a lovely deep purple color and so very hydrating.

This drink is a delightfully refreshing way to cool down on a hot late summers day and still get your greens in!

So, without further ado-

Purple Summer Cooler:

Makes 2 servings

Blend and strain the following:

3.5 cups watermelon

1 small head romaine lettuce

1 cup frozen mixed berries (I used blackberries, raspberries, cherries and mulberries)

Then, blend the mixture with 1 frozen banana.  Pour into tall glasses and enjoy!  Easy-Peasy 🙂

Food April 8


coffee with oat milk and drop of english toffee stevia

chia pudding with oat milk, lucuma, maca, cinnamon, strawberries, bee pollen and honey


zucchini pasta with fennel, fresh peas, carrot, olives, sauerkraut and a cashew/red onion alfredo sauce

green smoothie with banana, spinach and dried figs


bite of raw choccie cake with purple corn chocolate frosting

Tinto de verano (red wine with sweet tonic water) I was out to have a drink for a friend’s birthday.

Chai Soy Latte from Starbucks


artichokes with lemon butter sauce

tortilla de verdura (garbanzo flour, tofu, nettles, carrots, zucchini)

bit more choccie cake

All in all, I’m happy with the food for this day.  The tinto de verano and chai latte were totally superfluous, but I’m trying to live in the world here and not be all crazy manic about my food.

Ideally, I would have liked a raw dinner, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Some emotional stuff came up and I seriously was not up to the task of working through it.  I needed some comfort, and that is what I got.


New Challenge

I’ve really made some changes in my life recently that I am happy about.

Two new classes fell into my lap and, I LOVE these students.  They are Kundalini Yoga teachers and so we talk about KY, do kriyas in English, drink chai tea or talk about our lives.  I am so grateful for the extra money and the companionship.  Also, being around these women gave me the extra push I needed to..

Finally join a Kundalini yoga class again.  I’m going Monday and Wednesday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  My body has been neglected for so long that the past few weeks I was in so much pain the day after classes.  Each class a new muscle group would hurt.  With each week, I am getting a little stronger and I know that my body is loving all the extra care and attention it is getting.  Also, having a special place for meditation is nice.

I’ve been a bit more social.  I’ve reconnected with a friend that just kind of fell away a while back and am trying to get out of myself more.  It helps not having long stretches of morning with nothing to do, except  have temptation to stay on the Internet for hours at a time.

Anyway, with all of these changes, I have decided that it is a great time to return to raw foods.  My diet has been pretty good recently.  I’ve let go of the wheat for the most part, eating lots of wild greens, having green juices, etc., but there is always a bit more tweaking to do.  The sugar beast has come again and I really want to deal with that.  I had quit coffee for a few days but it just creeped back in.  One thing at a time.  Also,  now it is Spring and the weather is warm and my body is feeling a strong need for salads and lighter, more easily digestible things.  I want to listen to and honor that.

So, as a way to help myself and to share my way of being, I am going to post what I eat.  It may not be 100% raw, but i am striving for a high proportion.

Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

Wheat and I really don’t get along.  I have never been formally diagnosed as celiac or even gluten intolerant, but I do know that when I eat something with wheat in it, I start itching.  My hands, arms, legs, and scalp itch and the skin around my eyes feels really puffy and sensitive.  Clearly something isn’t right with that!

Even so,  I have found it extremely hard to actually give up wheat once and for all.  I seem to do fine with oats and most other grains, and I can generally eat some glutinous grains like spelt or kamut.  The problem with those is that I feel fine eating them for a while, but then I reach a point where all of a sudden I don’t.  It’s like there is some kind of hidden threshold that I have to stay under or something.

I think my sensitivity to wheat and gluten is one of the reasons why raw food is so appealing to me.  99% of the time, it already is gluten free and I don’t have to think about it.

One gluten free recipe that I love is this one:

I’ve made this pizza base recipe before and every time I make it I am generally happy with how it comes out.

Terrible picture,  as it was already nighttime when I made this 😦


with sun-dried tomato and basil sauce, zucchini, onions, red pepper, crumbled smoked tofu and fresh basil


The only changes to the recipe that I made were to increase the amount of ingredients, substitute baking soda for baking powder, and leave out the sweetener completely.  It made enough for dinner tonight, which I served with my favorite raw red pepper soup and also enough to take tomorrow for lunch as I am starting my second week of Kundalini yoga class!

I have had a wonderful weekend and I am now looking forward to a wonderful week 🙂

When Life gives you apples…Fruit Leather

Fruit Leather

Originally uploaded by DivineMissEm

I noticed that we were literally swimming in apples. We get them in our organic vegetable box delivery and I haven’t been very much in to them as I have been enjoying the rest of summers bounty (watermelons, peaches, berries, etc.) so they have been piling up. The other day, a friend comes over with a bag of apples from a tree in his yard. So…I had a ridiculous surplus and got really tired of throwing away apples that have been going bad.

I decided to make fruit leather with them and for a first attempt just winging it, they came out pretty delicious. I can see the definite possibilities.

It’s actually ridiculously easy. I chopped up all the apples and then blended about a third (which filled up the blender) with some cinnamon, nutmeg and a few tablespoons of agave. I blended until smooth and spread thinly on teflex sheets.

The concept is the same for the other flavors. The Apple/Goji is my favorite, I think. The Blackberry/Apple tastes nice, but next time I would strain the mixture because the seeds are kind of hard to deal with.

Red Thai Curry Nori Bites, take one

It’s been such a long time since I last posted.  I really got stuck in a major rut and had some personal issues to sort out, but I am ready to try this again!

When I went to the Raw Magic Retreat, one of the things in the shop were these a-freaking-mazing thai curry nori crackers made by Anna over at  Since she lives in Bristol and I live in Madrid, I knew I had to recreate those crackers to the best of my ability.  So this is my first attempt, although certainly not the last.  There are a few tweaks that I want to make and I also want to try green thai curry.

If you want to make this 100% raw and make your own Thai curry paste, then please feel free.  There are many recipes that can be found easily on the internet. I am happy with using the highest quality prepared paste that I can find.

Without further ado:

Red Thai Curry Nori Bites

3 c flax, soaked

2 small red bell peppers

.5 zucchini or summer squash

2 stalks celery

2 heaping tablespoons red curry paste

1 red onion, chopped

.25 c cilantro

Nori sheets

Blend  peppers, zucchini and celery until semi-smooth. Add curry paste and blend again.

Add flax and blend until well combined

Add onion and cilantro and pulse until incorporated.

Spread on nori sheets and dehydrate.

For me, this amount made about 7 sheets.